08 September, 2012

Improv Sewing

I recently checked this book out from the library.
Improv Sewing by Nicole Blunt & Debra Immergut.

"a freeform approach to creative techniques", this book was published this year.

Most of the projects deal with jersey knit - think your favorite t-shirt.

The authors had an ingenious way of using a favored woven material by inserting side panels of stretch knit. You get a very comfortable skirt to wear with all the vibrant patterns that woven material offers.

At first, the projects come off as something you might make as a 20-something, but then you move past the unfinished edges that will never be able to be just thrown in the washer, and you start seeing some incredible design ideas.

Not a true ruffle. The authors finished some long narrow strips with a narrow zigzag along the edges to create a ribbon and then sewed it onto the bag  - flat --. Giving the tote bag some textural interest without making it fussy.

I like this ribbon technique across this hoodie. Free-motion stitching ending past the ribbons - like fringe.
320 pages of interesting ideas. A serious buttload of ideas. I saw several I wanted to incorporate into my head. It was pretty reasonable at Amazon.com when I wrote this.

101 fast, fun, and fearless projects

Free-motion stitching and then constructing the tee. I've seen another technique where you sew narrow elastic in a random pattern on the wrong side creating textural 'bubbles'. I think that photo is on my other computer - have to find it, then post it.

 I liked this journal cover. Straight stitching interspersed with a wide zigzag segueing into a straight stitch again.
Drawing on fabric with your sewing machine or adding some hand-sewing to make things pop.

 I leave you with this Wild Thing

The authors blog is here. Enjoy.

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