22 September, 2012

Flock & Fiber

What a great afternoon. My friend, Pencil Girl, brought along a well-rounded crafty gal (not rounded friend - she's skinny and tiny) and we met for lunch at our local 'hotspot', the Thriftway deli in Canbyland.
Then we walked two blocks to the fairgrounds to the Flock & Fiber Festival.

This is the first time we have gone together so we had a fine time talking and dreaming amongst the roving, the wool, the spinners, the loomers, & of course, the sheep and llamas. Don't forget the angora rabbits.

I also met up with two friends from my hometown who came to take classes in nuno felting (Sandy) and  I believe Nancy was taking 'Beginning Spindling'. While I have attended many times, I have never taken classes. They liked them so I may see if I can get time off work next year so I can take the class on Indigo dyeing.

Japanese Indigo plant grown locally - Vancouver, Washington.

I did some easter egg dying with red onion skins but I can see more possibilities with working in the blue tones on eggs. My house will smell better.

Pencil Girl bought some Indigo plant seed which are supposed to grow here. I bought a hunk of beautiful dark grey shot through with blues and green roving so we are trading some roving for some seeds.

knitting pattern in my colors

Hairpin Lace

Goat cheese samples

For another blog post I wrote about felting thrifted sweaters:
Felting the Easy Way

 Funny little zippered sheepy pouches

The fringe has little crystals twisted onto it.

 And finally - one last photo for my gerbil shearing friend (lol) from Tales From the Sheep Shed.



  1. Beautiful pictures to showcase a fun day!!! I am inspired to knit, felt, and work with wool more.

  2. Thanks for the pictures! Wish I could have been there - bit too far though. Scrummy fibres and yarns.


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