23 April, 2012

Sewing WIPs

Yes, I hand-sewed this zipper in and I may have pulled the thread too tightly
- see the gathers along the top teeth?
Gah - I'll have to pull those stitches out and sew with better tension.

 WIP: Work in Progress.
I was sewing yesterday and my brain became exhausted.

I am making another Lunch Bag utilizing the tutorial by Pink Penguin and of course, I have to modify it - just a teeny bit.
This is the lining. I have an inset zipper, and one regular pocket. When we finish boxing the corners, the lining will also have a center divider. My brain was too tired to think that one through.

The gathers might respond to some serious steaming.
I will try this first before I rip out stitches.
 Well - more or less - I got stuck. Does the center divider need a zipper, a slim double pocket or just keep it simple. haha. As if I could.
No instructions, just me and my engineering brain figuring it out as we go.
 This is the hidden pocket. I doubled a piece of fabric with the fold on each part where it needed to be sewn to the zipper. I left the excess for stability when pulling on the zipper.
This part is hidden between the lining and the outer fabric.

Sunlight casting shadows on my open pocket. The top raw edge is bound with a pretty contrasting fabric.
It helps to keep this pocket from being invisible on the dark lining, aka, the black hole.

My first time making a diagram in Paint.
I'll try and tackle the divider pocket on Tuesday and post again on the progress.

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