08 April, 2012

Eggs & Chocolate

I decided to dye some easter eggs after seeing this great posy post.  She managed to dye her eggs with onion skins to a fabulous terra cotta color with the flora contrasting so well.
I bought four onions which I never have in my pantry (another food sensitivity of mine).
I peeled skins off the onions, cut sprigs of greenery and flowers from the garden, laid my frondy things onto the egg and wrapped them in sections of old pantyhose. Then, I boiled the funny wrapped eggs amongst the onion skins.

Admittedly, I forgot the vinegar.
More skins are better. My eggs are too light to show the botanicals. I did a zoombrowser contrast trick to get them past a  soft watercolor look.
I think I also read that Martha adheres her frondy things on with egg white.

While the house smelled like onions, the  eggs themselves did not taste onion-y.  We fortunately had yet another sighting of the sun yesterday with temperatures above 60'. Yes, it was prop the doors open and air the house out weather.
The clouds swallowed the sun around 4:30 --about when I finished unwrapping the eggs. I had to delay the photos until Easter Sunday.

The best flowers were the Leopard's Bane (daisy) and Veronica (small, spreading purple flower). They naturally wanted to conform to the egg shape (re-thinking the egg white glue).

Happy Easter everyone.

Drizzling Chocolate on the coconut macaroons.

Recipe here.
I thought about making a nest of the macaroon - the better to put jelly beans in.
In the end, I decided to drizzle the macaroons with chocolate. Spring treat for Easter dinner.
(all of the j.beans were sent off Monday to assorted Easter recipients)

Boring Amazing! chocolate drizzle video taken with my left-hand while drizzling with my right:


  1. The eggs are really pretty! You can dye wool with onion skins as well. I'm surprised the eggs didn't taste of onion!

  2. Happy Easter! Your eggs turned out so pretty.

  3. I think yours are beautiful. I love how they somehow came out with different colors!


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