22 April, 2012

First Flight 2012

I never thought to take a photo of the mailboxes before. It turned out kinda funky. The hill behind (across the main road) appears to be the roof to this mailbox row. Not sure what the farmer is growing. He tends to plant something in the winter for the Canadian Geese. It has been so wet here in the Willamette Valley that no planting has occurred and it is almost the end of April. Too mucky in the fields. If you turn the soil too early - it will turn into baked clay later on. Lots of rainfall this Spring.
{We have around 36 homeowners on our private airstrip. Taxi-way, aka, Skylane Dr. is an half-mile long - hence, the long row of mailboxes out by the main road. My mailbox is behind the front spar of the airplane (hidden - at right)}

After all the rain and cold, the foliage has unfurled  this last week. St. Paul, Minnesota has been about 20' warmer this winter and I believe, we - here in the Willamette Valley, Oregon might have gotten more snow than they got. Our Spring has been around freezing since January with grey, dreary days. The nights too - as no one could see the stars or moon because of the grey dreary cloud cover.

Through my pergola you can see the shack next door. I am still working on my living fence. Last year, much too late, I hit upon the bright idea of planting a l-o-n-g patch of sunflowers between us and them so we can sit outside and not have to see dry rot, crap siding, - basically not the best view.

Several trees still need to go in this bordering bed. View is much better at this angle- towards the runway.


 After napping for six months in the hangar, it's a relief to have the airplane engine rumble and catch.
The smoke coming out is the residual oil that collects at the bottom of the cylinders when at rest.
Our plane does not have a canopy - it's an open cockpit - so it's a mite cold up at altitude until late April. We can fly until early October when it starts getting cold again.
Just right yesterday.

I was trying to take photos of small towns around us as we flew over and less than 24 hrs later, I'm not sure if this is Aurora. Can't see any identifying markers.
I think this is Aurora. . .

 I think this is Hubbard. Squinting doesn't help. I got them out of order from the camera and now. . .
I'll have to do this again (and concentrate!)

Well, for certain, this is the North Marion Schools. The high school in front with athletic fields to the left. Then the middle school and the grade school with another grade school/administration bldg on  the opposite side of the road.
My creative friend's house backs onto the soccer fields at top right.
At least, I got one out of three right!

This morning, guess who was attempting to get a bird's eye view?
With an eye on the sky?

Flying high?

Today, we will hit 80' - not quite ready for actual HOT but the sun is shining. I planted my garden peas today. The bit by the fence (pole peas) turned over pretty easy but I could tell when I used my finger to push the seeds into the dirt that it was a tad mucky.
The other side of the garden where I was going to plant my sweet peas was too mucky. I turned it over roughly and hope today's sun will dry it out somewhat. Tomorrow, I can turn it over again and maybe plant the sweet peas.
Usually, I can plant my peas in February or March but it was too darn cold and really wet this Spring.

Now, I am going to hide out in the cool house and sew.


  1. What if the neighbors read this post!! Drama drama! lol

  2. As The World Turns On Dietz Airpark

    All My Airpark Children

    The Old and The Retired

    It's a soap opera to be sure.

  3. Your home and the Willamette Valley are looking beautiful with spring in the air and all the pretty colors. How fun to live on an airstrip and to fly a plane. I have a friend in the Salem area who also lives in this type of neighborhood. Funny to see how big the garages are for all the planes!


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