13 April, 2012

Garage Sale Airplanes

Show & Tell. My deals of the day.

Airplanes at each garage sale stop today ranging from the weird: Softie toy disguised as a 707 jet (?) -- to this cool biplane shelf.

My best score? This set of old stationary.
Little factoids on the left side reaching across the top.
"Little Men Notepaper" - doncha love it?

Gold embroidered fabric to put in the Etsy store.

Sewing Hams. Everytime I find these and list in the etsy shop, they are gone within a week. Interesting that most of them were made here in Portland, Oregon. For my non-sewing friends, these are necessary for sewing garments in order to steam or press them well with the iron. They are filled with sawdust and hard as a rock almost. The ham on the left - shaped like a canned ham- is for steaming flat a curved seam. The long roll is for tighter spots - the cuff on a shirt, for instance.

Also destined for the etsy shop, a box of four cams for use in a buttonholer attachment for older sewing machines - New Home, in this case.

Upper left a floss caddy, up front a Ziploc with more floss and an embroidery project.
On the right is a Japanese Enrico Cover ??? Idk, It's Japanese. There is a fan and a square piece of material. I have a small medium stash of Japanese textiles.

Guinness Glasses 3 for a buck. I have found my green juice tastes better  in these big glasses. The Guinness glass somehow makes it taste better than drinking your veggies.
Random packets of legos and more random sewing supplies.

 A nearly completed Bucilla embroidery psalm. Another etsy shop item.

 Next door to one sale was this yard full of wheeled kids toys, plus the fabulous weeping cherry tree fort!    Just starting to bloom - in just a few weeks, kids will be hidden.

 Same yard  with a row of llama topiary. Lots of kids plus llamas to ride equals . . .
Look -- the last one has a red bow on his neck from Christmas.

This was my steal from two weeks ago. Our last sale of the day - a well hidden sewing mecca. A 'nearly new' cutting mat for ten bucks. I think these retail for over $40. Saved me a bunch of money as my old one was getting a little thin in places. We found so many quilt rulers, sewing books, and fabric,  we were reaching into the bottom of our purses to cough  up spare change. My creative friend tossed her truck for more loose change and I came up with my lucky gold dollar coin in the pocket of my purse. The sweet old lady watched our cash frenzy  and finally called a halt so she could say, "That's enough." She was going to move out of her too large home into a smaller assisted home and had decided to let go of her quilting stash. She was fun to talk to as we lingered telling our own sewing stories.

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  1. Great haul! You sure are lucky when it comes to finding good sewing stuff. I always just seem to find junk. Though last year I got a few free Readers Digests, which are treasured over here.
    Don't know what an Enrico Cover is. The fan is nice though.


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