01 February, 2011

Mini Pompoms

 OMG - are these cute or what?
Well - they are actually a disaster in clothing construction because they MELT if the iron gets'em.
They are so stinkin' cute though.

 This is a dress I have been sewing for my great-niece, Missy Sophea, who is two years old. I used a New Look 6473 pattern but made quite a few changes. I believe all clothing needs pockets - so I designed this cupcake pocket.
 I also made a smaller opening at the neck instead of buttoning it all the way down. Sitting on butt buttons can be similar to a Princess and the Pea experience. All I did was to lay the back pattern piece on the fold and cut out. Then I slit along the fold about 5 inches or so from the top edge. I then bound this with some 1/4" bias tape.
 This pattern also has some cute shorts and pants. Tamara Bostwick, who saved me from the missing instructions - a possible fiasco -  made the top.

 I found a ton of rickrack flower tutorials on the web. Here, here, and here as well.

 New Look 6473 utilized a slit opening at the hem line. The designer put a ribbon bow at the apex. I fanned it straight and sewed my mini pompom trim around.

I'll post pictures when I get them of Missy Sophea wearing her orange dress.

First post is here.

Second post on the orange dress.

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