27 February, 2011

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

I finished my Pillowcase today for sewexpo to benefit the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
SewExpo put out a call for us sewers to make and donate pillowcases for children.
Pacific Fabrics even gave out a pillowcase tutorial. (Sorry, the link is apparently down). Useful because it lists the size of the unfinished pillowcase. I still ran around the house and measured my finished pillowcases and found a regular pillowcase varies widely but is essentially 19"w by 31" long.

I figured most of the Sewexpo ladies would make girly pillowcases as many of them are quilters and have a tremendous stash of floral-type fabrics. I wanted mine more boyish and used up just a tiny, tiny piece of my airplane fabric stash.
There was a moment last night when I was still deciding fabrics and design on my pillowcase when I seriously realized how tired I was.
Option A was to use the airplane fabric as the base and a white fabric for the cuff with a coordinating trim (rick-rack?) between cuff and base.
Option B was to utilize airplane fabric as both base and cuff with a flat piping trim to break up the pattern.
Option C: was a stern talking to myself about over-designing this pillowcase.

I threw it all back in the air and decided to sleep on the decision when I realized I have no solid fabrics in my stash. ( **I am sure I own solid colored fabrics but there were none last night). They are all prints that clash.  I found some white from a vintage sheet but it was so obviously NOT the same heft & weight of my base fabric.

This morning, I was clearing off the ironing board to iron my base fabric and there was a plastic sack of the remaining scraps that I won from SewMamaSew. One of those scraps coordinated and the design decision was made to go with just the airplane fabric and this red trim. By itself, it is a red & white floral print. Folded over so just a quarter inch shows, it looks cloudy. The red color coordinated perfectly.

We finally had snow the other day and the dogs loved it. These photos were taken about 6pm - sunset time.
Rusty - the smart dog he is- discovered that if HE threw the ball into the snow, the ball would hide, and he could find it WITHOUT involving the easily distracted human.

Rocket making a snow angel

Rusty ready! for someone to throw his tennis ball.

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