22 February, 2011

Sew Expo Bag

I finished.
The bag.
The bag that is HUGE.

I recently took a purse class with my friend, Pencil Girl.

I plan to take it to sewexpo in Puyallup in a few weeks. 

 The back side, or is this the front?
Supposedly, I can carry my lunch and water bottle and the bag will magically hold all of the fabric I know I will succumb to from all of the great vendors at Sewexpo. There is a distinct possibility that there is a bottomless pit inside this bag. It's that big.

I like the magnetic closure. 

I bought the orange fabric at Ikea. Yes, Ikea has fabric.
Most of the ladies in the class are quilters who get stuck in the tiny print cotton rut. They were amazed that you could buy fabric at Ikea.
The black fabric (with all the lint(!)) and the linen were bought here.

 This is a distorted view of the inside. 
The pockets mirror the outside pocket details. Plenty of room for everything.

 Laying the purse down. It's got so much batting and peltex that it stands on its own. It was a real bear to fling around the sewing machine table. I believe I only broke six needles taming it.

I added little feet to the bottom of the bag. And yes, this black fabric is a lint magnet.
 The grommets are plastic rings that snap together (yeah, right). They are sold in the drapery section and they were a definite asset to this bag. Glue and clamps were necessary. They still gape but the sash hides that. There are four layers of fabric and batting and the plastic grommets aren't really up to the task. I cannot imagine how they would secure  heavy drapes that hang off the grommets unless there is strength in numbers.

I am very pleased with how the bag turned out but I may ditch the bow-tie sash. It's kinda fussy. Care to weigh in?

Changing out the sash for a black one?  A black ribbon?  Nothing at all?

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