13 August, 2017

August 2017

 After months of cold rainy days this winter and spring, we had no rain for nearly two months until today.  A fine misty rain fell for several hours. There were a few happy dances done in Oregon as the wildfire season has created it's usual summer havoc.

In addition, the wildfire smoke from the British Columbia fires drifted down and we had to breathe smokey air for the last two weeks.

I actually managed a garden this year by planting late. My dahlias are really coming on and this one just started to unfurl this week. Seems to be a spinner in the middle.

 My tomatoes are slow due to the late plant date but in a couple of weeks we will wish to never see another tomato.
 We don't have a dog anymore so my friends, Peter the Rabbit and Cottontail moved in, eating everything in sight.

Except the Basil. Apparently, they dislike basil. They love young cosmo seedlings though. I don't think they like nasturtium either but I'm not sure as they seem to be struggling to get going. The rabbits have provided decent entertainment.

Another reason to blog was given when a new reader searching for an airplane quilt stumbled across my post featuring an estate sale find of a vintage, (and in bad condition),  Lucky Lindy Quilt.

She is re-creating this quilt for her son who just became a pilot. She is hand-stitching her airplane blocks. To celebrate and help, I sent her some small scraps of some of my reproduction feedsack fabrics featuring my favorite subject. Airplanes.

I also shared with her the 8-inch quilt blocks and how they were pieced.

Textiles: Novelty Item: Snap Bag
 My county fair is going on all  next week. The lovely volunteer who tagged my items said there were even fewer entries this year. Which means most of my awesome sewing will win blue ribbons. Not because they are amazing but because no one else took the time.

I would hate to see the demise of the county fair in my lifetime.
My blue ribbons are worth four bucks!

Textiles: Potholder; my chicken potholder

 My son hiked in Yosemite this weekend and climbed Half-Dome after winning a hiking lottery earlier this spring.
They just got back so I look forward to amazing photos this week while sucking down overtime.

And my sis from Minnesota is visiting my daughter in Alaska with her family. This is at the top of Alyeska Resort looking down on Turnagain Arm outside Anchorage.

I love that both of my kids love photography. Such a cool hobby to share.


  1. I was surprised to see your tomatoes still green. Your summer must have been cool? My mini-tomatoes (as they are called here) are still going strong. Just gleaned another basket of them this morning. I love the items you entered in the fair. That little bag is darling! Love the fabric! I gasped...Half Dome?! That's a dream of mine...or was...till my knee accident. Looking forward to pics of the hike? Maybe?

  2. if you haven't had any rain I know where it's all fallen!!!! Kids' pics look amazing!

  3. I'm sure you would have done well in the fair even with more competition, and I'm also sure it would have been more fun had more people joined in! We go to one particular fall fair in a nearby town in September, and every category of baking and sewing has a LOT of entries, in multiple age ranges. Seeing the goodies made by the 4 and 5 year olds is quite amusing, but it's nice to see them starting early!

    Our fruit gardens (strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb) did well in the spring (and rhubarb isn't finished yet - we'll get one more harvest, making 4 for this year), but our veggie garden is pretty crappy. Too much shade from a neighbours huge tree, squirrels digging tunnels, too much rain - we won't be getting much of a harvest at all. It's only a tiny garden, but we usually get tomatoes and cucumbers all of August and September - this year I bet we'll be lucky to get half a dozen cucs, and I don't think we'll even get any tomatoes.

    Did you use a frame for the snap bag, or did you do the measuring tape method? I've done both, but prefer the frames. I've found those bags to be really popular as gifts for the kids!

    1. The frames are past my budget. I use old measuring tapes mostly because of the "snap!", but also because they are cheap.

  4. Your garden and dahlia look fab.. we didn't get any veg or dahlias planted this season.. too busy with painting and new deck I guess. I hope you get all blue ribbons! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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