22 August, 2017

Dahlias And County Fairs

 The dahlias are living the dream.

Bumblebees this morning looked like they were sleeping off a pollen binge.

The garden is behaving itself producing just a few raspberries for breakfast and a few tomatoes for lunch. None of that buckets of produce causing friends to turn and walk the other way when they see you coming with more zucchini. None of that pressure to can (haha - pun intended). Even the weeds are puny (knock on wood).

Time to see which items won blue ribbons at my county fair.

 This is not my quilt (I Don't Quilt) but I love the playful animals getting into adjoining blocks.

And this teal and aqua one? Yum.

 Through the display window - my chicken hotpad making tracks on the chickie wallhanging.

My Mr. Hedgehog lipsense bag was a fair favorite. I bought that fabric from my friend in Kyoto.

 And my only second place red ribbon.  I bought this tote bag as a kit. Determined to follow instructions, I disliked the size of this bag (giant towel bag) and the lack of color interest (beige blah). The night before I had to enter my fair entries, I conceived a brilliant plan of ironing on this Big Book saying. Ahem.

Yes, in my hurry, I ironed it on upside down. I had to rip out the whole pocket area and lining and re-sew the pocket so it could be read.  Even though it did not get a blue ribbon, that red is still worth two bucks!

I made $26 dollars this year - enough to buy another couple of yards of fabric.

And finally, my daughter was able to connive her way into another Denali flightseeing trip (third time this year!) and managed to get herself into the right-hand cockpit seat for a bird's eye view of the mountains in summer. Her aunt (my sis) took her family up to visit Alaska.


  1. That's a lot of blue ribbons - I assume you'll be retiring on the proceeds? ;) Did you iron some kind of ?? onto the pocket with the writing on it (brain freeze, I can't think of the word or phrase I'm looking for)? I love that vinyl pocket showcasing the hedgies - what a great touch!

    1. Iron-on transfer. It works but if your iron isn't right than the stuff still appears. Mine was on maybe a second too long and left a discoloration around the words. (love/hate this stuff).

  2. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on your blue ribbons and red one too! Loved the photos of Alaska your daughter shared with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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