30 July, 2017

Essential Oil Sewing


 Two more zippered pouches made today. My county fair is coming up, coinciding with less overtime so I am trying to get myself organized as far as my entries go.

Every year I win blue ribbons.

Not because my sewing is amazing but because no one else takes the time to enter. Those blue ribbons are worth four bucks so without trying too hard, I usually win enough to buy a few yards of fabric.

A friend gave me some empty doTerra bottles which allowed me to create the pattern above to store 4x 15ml bottles plus 8x 5ml & roller ball bottles. This pouch opens wide to easily see inside.

Why? do you need to run around with 12 bottles of essential oils? I have no clue but that's what is going on around you. Have you tried their Breathe Oil? I swear it's what kept me from getting the six-month-office-crud. And during my seasonal allergies - it helped keep my sinuses clear.
However, I am still utilizing the sample bottles someone gave me.

Apparently, this is a thing.

Toting around, in case of an emergency, lots of essential oils.

My bag is padded on the sides as well as the slots. There is room in the middle for another four bottles on a 'card' that can be taken out. I didn't make these 'cards' for these pouches.

My second one is just clipped together. In the first bag, I put on some rhinestone bling and then stashed the tiny bag with the tiny rhinestones in a special spot. Ahem.

I'm hopeful - before next Saturday, when I have to do the fair drop-off - they will re-surface...

Here's a photo my daughter took at 6:30am when she paid a flying visit home.
Multnomah Falls.


  1. HEhehe I stash things in special spots too - that usually means they're out of sight for months on end - until I accidentally stumble on them again!

    Hubby and I use one particular essential oil on a daily basis - tea tree oil. That stuff is AWESOME, and we actually do take it with us when we travel! I think the specialized bag is a very practical (and pretty) way to keep them safely stored for travel :)

    1. Okay - I can see taking one oil with you. I get this. But 12?

  2. I'm with you on the breathe oil. I put on a few drops before I fall asleep and I sleep so much better. But I'm not sure about 12 bottles. It may be because some do not use the same oil everyday. There is a test you can do that determines what you need. I visit a massage therapist that uses the test prior to a massage. It's a little electronic thing that you hold in your hand and it sends a signal to her I-pad. What's amazing is that it is always so spot on to whatever might be happening with me at the moment. Good luck at the fair!!!

    1. I do something similar prior to getting acupuncture.

  3. I'm glad you get to have more time off to get to your sewing! Good luck with your county fair entries.. I wish I had the oomph to enter some things. I'm happy to just get my swimming done! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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