08 July, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I felt like blogging today. Yay me.
This spring and summer has been an upheaval of sorts as I re-prioritize my busy life.

I continue to work forced overtime but there seems to be a break coming up.

Those beautiful red flowers are called Monarda aka BeeBalm. I try to make my yard bee friendly by using very little chemicals. My auto-immune (SIBO) seems to do better if I limit my chemical exposure too.

I had a couple of family crisis's that made me very sad for the choices those members are making. The bright side is they are able to make those choices. They are not my choices and it's difficult to separate out the feelings they invoke. Sadness  seemed to be the June feeling of the month.

While I'm happy at last to have a name and diagnosis for my auto-immune, it's long-term and chronic and progressing. I have a drive to do everything before I am unable to. And I want to do it all. I have no interest in giving up yet.

Like biking to work. I don't have to, but utilizing different muscle groups is not only healthy for my heart, but those muscles help support my joints as the chronic inflammation takes over.

This year has been super duper on the berries with several batches of jam/jelly made and berries in the freezer for the winter.

By letting blogging go by the wayside, I have that little bit more time to spend in my garden. Allowing my bare feet to connect with the earth really helps my stress levels.

I biked into town to see the 4th of july parade.Lots of live music, kids running amuck, and a Volkswagen Van for my friend's DIL - pink!

I had the pleasure of standing next to some seriously awesome kidlets. One in particular was the youngest (3 years old) of several boys. His mama softly urged him to share some of the candy he collected from the floats with other nearby kids  and it was such a joy to see this boy willingly picking up a life lesson in sharing. So easily done by an amazing mom.

Do you recall those potatoes I planted in April? We had a very cold and wet spring so planting was delayed. Now look at them. They are flowering and will soon set those teeny, tiny potatoes for summer salads.

 And, then, of course, the funeral and the wedding.

This is the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen. I've always wanted to be cremated, but this cemetery on the steep hillside, looking out on the southern Oregon hills might change my mind.

This was a beautiful ceremony for a family member. Definitely filled with family choices that make me sad. It took a few weeks to acknowledge that sadness for the choices people make and allow the feeling to be. What it is. Learn from those choices. I can always be a better person.

The wedding was the direct opposite in the joyful feelings for this beautiful neighbor girl. All grown up now, she played with my kids. Her family actually lived quite close to my older sister for a while until the airplane her dad was building in the garage outgrew it's space.

My nephew. And Mt. Jefferson. Photo credit: my son.

This spring, feeling quite overwhelmed and not knowing how to find time, I stopped blogging. I stopped sewing. I need these things as they are positive creating that helps counter-balance the enormous load of stress at work.

I was also sad not doing these things to make time for those aforementioned family crisis's.
But time has a way of moving quite fast and you get through those things.

I have actually thought about sewing twice this week, so I am going to see if I can putter around in my sewing room tomorrow. Touch some fabric, maybe sew. Or, maybe just dust.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday (laundry day) that I have had free in what seems months. No obligations. No expectations. No helping others.

Mindfulness is something of a trend in a fast-paced world helping to slow you down with meditation and being present in now as opposed to worrying about the future or continuing family feuds from the past. My current job, while stressful and with too many hours, is an excellent tool to learn Mindfulness. Live in the moment - no use worrying about tomorrows schedule.

I'll quit rambling and leave you with my first blooming dahlia.


  1. Your berries are really nice and yummy looking. And your flowers are beautiful. Despite your trials and tribulations you are surrounding yourself with beauty. Good for you.

    1. Life is always an adventure! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Lots of wisdom here; sorry you are having a difficult summer (me too! and it helped to read and think about your "let the feelings be what they are" enlightenment.

    Thank you also for the garden photos!


  3. What a lovely post; I appreciate your honesty and lovely photos. Thank you!

  4. Yay to blogging again! And a very insightful post. Glad you are feeling ready to sew. You have been very busy. Btw, the bride's dress is gorgeous!

  5. I'm sorry you've had such a sorrowful time.. but glad you've also had some joy. That is very cool that you've done so much preserving! I showed Kristi the pink VW Bus and she loved it. We're trying to keep cool today.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I immediately thought of Kristi. They had a surf board on top too!

  6. I was so happy to see your blog post! I wanted to tell you that I can relate to so much of it! I was equally happy to see that you found time to sew something (instagram) -- I understand the need for creative time. It is a healing balm for me. It connects me to my family (I make things for them),helps me to relax and focus on all the good and wonderful things in my life. Without creative time I too wither....!


    1. Sometimes God has directions for our lives that don't make sense at the time. And sometimes you just need to spend time in reflecting. Creating things does help with focusing on the good and wonderful things in my life. Thanks, Connie

    2. I'm so sorry you're going through trying times .. I hope you're able to find ways to get away from or work your way through the issues. Your garden is doing wonderfully - that's an awesome harvest of strawberries and raspberries! Mine have come in as well, but I got MAYBE 4 cups of raspberries, and about the same in strawberries - and most of those got eaten right from the plants, lol. We've already harvested 2 batches of rhubarb and are ready to bring in another batch - it does really well every year. I'll have lots for the freezer :)

  7. Ick- on the rhubarb. Childhood food nemesis.

  8. Oh Kathy - look after yourself ok! We encourage people to be independent, to take responsibility for themselves and to make the right choices - we might not agree with their definition of "right" but we have to accept that *they* felt they made the right choice. Love you


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