01 December, 2015

Jewelry Roll For Traveling

 This was my bigger project on Sunday for Bag It (Elm Street Quilts).
It's ginormous.

It folds up nicely though.

I did some patchwork on the front of the linen. This is where I was bogging down earlier. The fabrics I was choosing weren't giving the effect I was after and the trouble was - I didn't know the effect I was after.

I auditioned several fabrics knowing I wanted a background where jewelry didn't get camouflaged. I wanted the outer to look like you'd want to put it in your luggage. I finally settled on linen for the outer with some scrappy patchwork dressing it  down  up 
. I wanted each zipper to be a different color for easier organizing.

Sunday - I sewed this up and discovered it has a double layer of batting which makes it even more ginormous than just the size. I don't wear chunky jewelry. I wear small stuff and when I am traveling, I am attempting to carry less.  After finishing it, and writing this blog post, this is going straight to the etsy shop as a sample sale item.

 You can see some of my extensive collection of airplane jewelry swimming in this jewelry roll.

One of my favorite pieces, a bracelet of  airplanes with tow bars pulling them.

 You can use the ties to hang it vertically from a hotel hanger to see at a glance what you remembered to bring with you on your trip.

"I flew with Cap'n Mac" ( A doctor who gives biplane rides in the summer on the West Coast)

 I haven't pressed this, nor do I care. I was done even before I put the binding on.
I used this tutorial and, if, I were to make this again, I would size it down 50%. It's finished measurement is around 21" long x 12" wide. I lost some height by thinking my vinyl was going to be too long and I wanted the symmetry (same distance) from pocket to pocket.  In other words, I had a sewing panic attack.

I like the concept of a jewelry roll but I don't need one this big. If the idea is to separate your pieces to avoid entanglements, then this was a fail. Mostly because I am not a chunky jewelry wearing person. My little pieces are lonely.

I like my fabric choices though; the pins and earrings show up well on this turquoise fabric. The linen shows up as more elegant, the patchwork brings it down to my level.

I wish I had changed threads in my machine or even hand-sewn colored lines on the outer linen. I did four quilting lines in gold and they do not show up. They would look more awesome in heavier thread  - sashiko stitching across in orange and turquoise colors.

I used some pre-made vintage binding because I was already reading the signs on the wall on this project and it's sewn nicely but not neatly.

Although, one could use this to store electronic devices and all their assorted cords....


  1. I like your fabric choices too --- I like how the bag turned out (although I wouldn't need a large one either), and I LOVE that airplane bracelet!

  2. Another wonderful creation.. *love* the airplane bracelet.. where did you find that?

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. An obscure seller who knew a jewelry maker who knew about airplanes....almost twenty years ago.

  3. Yeah, I shrunk mine down to about 7 inches across - the size of my lace zips. I couldn't imagine a wide 12 inch roll. Who wears that much jewelry?? Not me. I usually wear one pair of white earrings (made by Molly) that match everything for my entire trip and don't even need a jewelry case.

  4. Nice bag! Thanks for sewing with Elm Street Quilts Bag It

  5. I tend to wear my favourite jewellery all the time, so wouldn't need it as a jewellery pouch, but as a gadget pouch it would be great

    1. That's what I'm thinking. Perfect for phones/cords/etc.

  6. I like how you resolved your fabric dilemma. I was having trouble with petticoat fabric choices. I finally decided to make it reversible and go with a bright color accent to help tie the other various colors together. I think it will work!


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