06 November, 2015

Twisted Tuck Wristlet Clutch

Day two in the Bag It series by Elm Street Quilts.

I deviated. Of course I did. I had this Twisted Tuck Wristlet tutorial by Mahlica Designs vying for sewing time and it somehow squeezed into the Bag It month.

This wristlet/clutch is about 9" wide by 5 1/2" tall. Perfect for hanging onto.
I love the tuck detailing on the front.

Lazy me has been using this tan Sulky thread for all that serious matchstick quilting I've been doing. It has a bit of sheen to it. Anyway - it appears to look good on the suede as well. I'll keep it on the machine until I am forced to switch.
{I think the *mean* Bag it organizer wants us to do more matchstick quilting...on a bag that's coming up in the series.}

I used some faux suede fabric that's been in my stash forever - either from a child's Indian costume or a garage sale find. It sort of behaves like suede but doesn't have a recognizable nap one way or the other. It also doesn't fray! Which made for awesome fringe on that costume.

A blue plaid leaped into the inside lining, thus the blue zipper.

Back side.

Blue Plaid lining

Other side of lining with the slip pocket that extends all the way across.

Great tutorial from Mahlica Deisgns.

I am trying to do this bag a day thing but I will be posting some on my Instagram feed instead of trying to write a blog post every day. You can find me there by looking for RocketGirl50.


  1. Another stunning zip & lining combo! Love it

  2. It looks really nice. I like the colorful lining and the detachable handle mod.

    1. I finally figured why my tucks are slightly different. Upside down. No worries- still looks awesome.

  3. Wow, you're getting really FANCY in your sewing! That's very nifty looking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I love this bag. I had no idea it was made of Halloween suede fabric. Hey, wait a minute! I also have faux suede in my stash! Hmmm...I might have to make one!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous bag! Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing during the Elm Street Quilts Bag It series.

  6. Love this! The pleats are classy & the blue is perfect touch. I thought of you when I scored some plane fabric at a gsale this morning!

  7. The pleats are so wonderful and the lining is a cheerful surprise. Nice work!

  8. OH MY STARS that's beautiful. The pleats are just perfect, and the blue lining is such a nice touch - that is a fanTAStic bag!


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