02 November, 2015

Autumn Table Runner

 I survived matchstick quilting.

 Surfing the internet, I stumbled across Cynthia Frenette's blog and she had a free pattern for a table runner. She used matchstick quilting - that's just quilting lines about a 1/4" apart, mostly parallel with a curvy twist at the end of the table runner.

It was very pretty.
It seemed simple enough....

 It only took all day Sunday.

After about 30 parallel lines, I was ready to free motion quilt (FMQ) this piece. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's how FMQ got started. Some dorky sewist trying to think she can quilt, realizing very quick she hates quilting repetitious lines that never end. She veered off the 'pattern' and started free-wheeling that sewing machine like nobody's business.

I used scraps and stash for this table runner. Most of the low-volume background is from Sweetwater's Road 15 fabrics. See? A tiny bit of quilting and I start spouting out quilting lingo: Low volume!

For this table runner to work, the background colors are all low-key, light, neutral. The berries and the leaves are almost primary loud colors.

 This measures up about 40" long x 10" wide.

The background colors are all pieced together with the berries and leaves ironed on top with wonder-under (fusible web). The matchstick quilting is helping to keep those small pieces attached. Cynthia had you start with parallel lines of quilting and then veer off in a curve towards the end - following the lovely stem curve. The entire table runner is bound with bias tape ( I cut mine straight).

Even though this took all day to sew - with many breaks to keep my sanity - this was an easy sew.   A very pretty sew for Autumn.

 I can now tick matchstick quilting off my bucket list.

{ I  dislike quilting.}


  1. WOW!! It looks amazing!!! Hehe that was my first attempt at matchstick quilting & yeah- not a big fan either lol! But it looks super cool! I love that you did the breezy twist at the end- awesome work & thank you for sharing with me!!

  2. That's really graphic and pretty.. a great fall and all year piece. Good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Wow! This is a new direction! It turned out beautifully! It looks like you have been sewing like this all along!

  4. For someone who dislikes quilting, this is sure a pretty professional finish! I agree though, as I really enjoy the piecing part, but don't care for the actual quilting part. Your family is sure to enjoy this addition to their heirlooms.

  5. I can see the quilting on this being a project for small doses.

    1. Thank the lord it was small. So funny - I have your little twisted tuck wristlet earmarked for my next project. (no match sticks!)

  6. Sure is pretty now that your done!, but can see how it would SLOWLY drive you crazy after about ...an hour lol!!! good job it will look great on your table

  7. It might have taken forever, but gosh it's gorgeous!

  8. I'm impressed! It looks perfect and I love the effect the way the curved matchstick quilting accentuates the design.

  9. Now that is cute! Love how the matchstick quilting turned out. I want to give that at try. Matchstick quilting has a certain lingo ring to it, kinda like low volume!

  10. I think your runner turned out beautiful but I feel your pain. I do not like quilting either. I LOVE piecing! Thanks for linking up! xo jan

  11. Oy, matchsticking takes forever, but it is so great for a table mat!
    Very pretty and worth the time thought!

  12. Theresa Kasner is my schoolmate Amy's mom. If you know her well, she can tell you about my family who lived next door on Bell Rd.


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