26 November, 2015

Rice Crispy Treat Coma

No sewing to report. 

I got bogged down in making fabric choices.
I am still playing BAG IT with Elm Street Quilts and I am making some vinyl bags next.

I am knee-deep in 12-hr split shifts right now at work and while I had today off (Yay! for Turkey Day), I found myself indecisive about which fabrics to cut into and what I wanted this sewing to become.

We had a small gathering at my Thanksgiving table and it went very well. (No drama). Of course, we are now into a turkey coma. Well - not me, exactly. Turkey disagrees with me nowadays thanks to the soy injections so I limit myself  to one slice.   I'm really in a rice crispy treat coma. I can tolerate all the ingredients in this dessert and over indulgence happens.

I think I will put the sewing on hold until Saturday afternoon after work finishes.
I'm going to go read my book:

Cover image for The time in between
Dueñas, María

I'm grateful and thankful for:
1. I can decide whether I will sew or read my book.
2. That we have plenty of food in my nice warm house with family.
3. That I have enough fabric to cause dithering.
4. The bright, sunny day with the gorgeous full moon.
5. Flowers on my table picked (flash frozen) from my garden offerings.
6. Safe travels for family members.
7. Family members who embrace the "Just be polite" mantra and are able to move forward.
8. I can keep three silly jokes in my head at the same time.

I'll leave you with some super silly jokes my co-workers and I were telling random customers yesterday (supervisor gone all week ( she of the "NO TALKING" (wasting time))).

What do you call a turkey with no feathers?


What happens when two turkeys get into a fight?

***They kick the stuffing out of each other***

How does a turkey drink his wine?

***In a goblet***

What's a turkeys favorite dessert?

***Peach Gobbler***

And a couple my friend in Japan told me:

Why did the turkey sit on a tomahawk?
***To hatchet***

What sound does a space turkey make?

***Hubble, hubble***

I would love to hear what you are thankful for.


  1. I'm thankful for my warm little old farmhouse.. that my dear husband and I are still alive.. :-) That 2/3s of my children were here for dinner. And for you, my good blog friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Look at your pumpkinettes! Adorable!
    I'm thankful for life!

  3. Lol! We have two nephews staying with us, I will be repeating your silly turkey jokes! I too, have been getting bogged down in fabric choices. I am making a petticoat & bustle for my class. My fabric stash tends to clash. Unless I cut into a silk organza that was being "saved" for curtains. Oh the drama!

  4. ROTFL I want to be in a Rice Krispy Treat coma too - love it! Glad you had a good and drama free Thanksgiving - sorry for your turkey problem but in actual fact, if I had to choose between Krispy treats and turkey - treats would win every time :D I once did Rice Krispy squares with chopped up Oreo cookies in them - OH MY! I'm looking forward to seeing your next round of bags - I just ordered a set of 10 frames for more Retreat Bags so I'll be busy working on them for Christmas gifts ;)

  5. Love the turkey jokes, especially the turkey n space one! We have imported Halloween since I was a child, and Black Friday got got herer five or six years ago, but I don't suppose we'll ever have thanksgiving! Our family / turkey events are just Easter and Christmas (my s-I-l does a garden party in the summer too but that's chicken)


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