26 October, 2013

Police Horses

One of the benefits to working downtown Portland these last couple of months has been walking during the lunch hour. My cubicle-mate, Darcy, forces me to do this every day.

We start our walk by Union Station and climb the stairs to cross over the rail yard. Then we walk through a short plaza lined with Gingko trees until we break out along the Willamette River.

Union Station is one of the favorite filming locations for the Portland-based TV show Grimm.
We have lingered for a while while film crews put the extras through their takes.

Our halfway destination is the Police horses paddock.

As we brush the workday cobwebs out of our brains, the river and the horses entertain us.
Our Portland weather has been stunning this fall.

Old mill across the Willamette River.

After we see the horses, we walk back up the Willamette, turn around to get back to Gingko Alley and then cross back over the rail yards. 47 minutes.

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