27 October, 2013

Monster Aprons

My practice grandkids are turning 5 and 3 this year. 

Phea has a birthday  party next week.  She is turning five years old already! Since they have about eight sets of grandparents and I'm smart, I am sending them the aprons this week so they won't compete with all the presents next week.

I picked up this pattern at Quilt Expo this year. I was not sure about how my great-nieces were going to get into these aprons themselves. I thought about re-drafting the back to cover their back with just velcro at the top. In the end, reality imploded said, don't change up the pattern because you are gone from your house 12 hours a day and you are approaching exhaustion. For once, I sewed this project as drafted and as instructed.

The bias tape forms loops so you can adjust the fit.
Afterall, my great-nieces reside over an hour from me
- it's not like I can fit the apron on them. I'm guessing at the sizing as it is.

The mouth forms a pocket for kitchen stuff.

Pink for Phea.    Rooaarr!!!!


  1. Brilliant, and well done for listening to reality!!!

  2. Those are FANTASTIC aprons and I love how the mouth is actually a pocket!
    Great job!!!

  3. p.s. hee hee for "practice grandkids"

  4. I said, "cute!" and DD said, "kawaii!". So unique!

  5. Oh, I am totally in love with these aprons. You must make more monster clothing!!


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