14 July, 2012

Two Weeks Without My Pillow

Yesterday, we travelled by hydroplane boat to Talinn (Estonia). 50 miles from Helsinki across the Baltic Sea.
Estonia joined the EU (European Union) in 2004. Only a short while since Soviet Union were opened to the rest of the world. Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania.

The ferry, Linda Lines, disembarks near the old medieval town, making cobblestones your new enemy.

I took photos with my digital camera because I had not planned Talinn and I did not want to be tempted to use my smarty pants phone.
We encountered a small problem in Åland with At&t questioning it's nationality.
I did not clear Estonia with At&t. Which means you won't get Talinn (amazing) photos until I get home.
Instead, here is the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki.
Sibelius is a very famous composer, a national treasure.
I know him because I play piano. There is also a classic cartoon where the sheepdog and Wiley Coyote clock in to do their respective jobs with the sheep flock. The background music is from Jean Sibelius.
The monument is designed "to play" when the wind blows.


  1. It looks like you are having an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Well, I guess You visited my homecity Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.(Tallinn: with double "l"). Hope You had a good time.


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