03 July, 2012

Birthday Boy Is Very Happy

husband is an extremely happy Swedish boy.
He wants to move here - which he could do.
We now know of a Swedish pilot who is selling off his Stearman collection.

19 July update.
That was a definite highlight of our trip.
My friend, Tuike, knew of this pilot from her probational job. She has had some of her 'clients' do community service for this gentleman. Mostly involving mowing the runway.
She called and asked if we might stop by.
Outside the hangar was an old Antonov biplane -- the largest flying biplane.
Russian made, it turned out he had a flying one inside the hangar.
A birthday surprise for my hubby.

This pilot then recommended a flying museum outside Gothenberg which was an old NATO underground hangar.
We met the 'old pilots' group there - those volunteers who make the exhibits amazing. Most of the planes are in flyable condition.

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