22 January, 2011

Dogs and Sunny Days

I got home from work today and IT WAS SUNSHINY SUNNY.
Of course, I had to wash my car so I pulled over to the side yard and let the dogs loose to keep me company or run off.   Hmmm... better give them a rawhide bone from their Christmas stash to keep them occupied. Rusty immediately laid down on the sunny grass and proceeded to eagerly demolish his meat-flavored rawhide. Rocket laid down and licked his bone, sucked  at it and next thing I know he had retreated to his plant cave near the arborvitae hedge to bury his bone where he stood guard as I washed a couple of months of winter filth off my car.

The dogs were on my side for once and stayed nearby. I moved the car around in front of the garage and started vacumning the interior which might have been done last - in September?  I work six days a week so sometimes it feels like I live out of my car and the car was protesting. The dogs had taken care of their distraction bones and Rusty found his tennis ball to throw at me in the hopes I would throw it for him to fetch. And Rusty learned A NEW GAME. He is deathly afraid of the vacumn and upon pain of death will not even get near a silent vacumn but you can only have so many balls get thrown at you - so I sucked it up with the shop vac. The ball is bigger than the nozzle so the ball stuck to the end as I rearranged the car rugs. And Rusty came and took the ball. I tried it again and if I held the hose out to him, he barked at the hose to give up the ball. If I laid the hose on the ground, he would approach and take his ball off the suction.  This dog is eight years old and he learned a new trick! This will not be the end of his personal vacumn torture but he loves his tennis balls more.

Now Rocket loves the vacumn. He thinks the vacumn gliding through his back coat, picking up loose hairs is his idea of a massage. He twists every which way to prolong the sublime vacumning. After I got done with the car and made a promise not to let it go so long in-between cleanings, Rocket wandered off. I went looking and he was back by his plant cave and next thing I know, he's dug up his bone. Now this makes Rusty a little jealous because now Rocket has a bone and Rusty does not. Rusty is now plotting to get the bone away from Rocket.

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