25 January, 2011

(Another) Work Apron

My work apron front panel is in tatters again. I wanted something springy feeling but  I wasn't feeling a design inspiration  (or is that divine intervention?) in my fabric stash.
I found this scrap of red from my great-nieces skirt and I thought I could do something  simple with a panel on top of the panel - maybe add some rickrack bling.

Simply sew down red panel over new denim panel - with elastic thread = wonky

Of course, I need to drive back to work in 30 minutes so I am totally rockin' the free-sewing -use what threads are in my machine thing. The serger still has a decorative crimson thread - check. The Riccar has a pinky-mauve thread- check. And I am sewing. 
After sewing down the panel onto the denim panel -it's a tad wonky. haha, there is still elastic thread in the bobbin of the Riccar.  Too funny.

This is last fall's panel design.



I haven't sewn down the panel as - let's face it- it's wonky. Tomorrow - got yoga tonight - I'll mess around with some rickrack to see it this panel will survive the cut.
I wear out these panels pretty fast. But the panel means I don't have to totally re-sew an apron so often. We'll see if rickrack can save this.

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