12 January, 2011

No Picture Wednesday

We put in wood floors last fall in our 20 year old house. They are gorgeous. A lot of accumulated wealth had to be stored elsewhere while we worked on this remodel.  And the rule has been, stuff cannot be lugged back in.  It has to have a place and a use.
This is the time to purge as the kids are finishing up degrees at college and starting to manage themselves. Its a good time to make easy decisions such as, "Do I really need these  (cool at the time) 750-piece puzzles,  Twister , or 80's craft books?"
The more difficult decisions will take me much of this next year. From going through my clothes closet (what fits?) to reorganizing how we store items. Attacking my growing sewing stash to making guest rooms fit for people to sleep in. We still need to redo the bedroom floors this June and these boxes and piles need to find their place.

One of the purged piles that took up an entire wall of my garage was for donating - either to the thrift store or as a garage sale - planned in the late Spring. This pile was stacked high and it had power. I could not make sorting decisions anymore because that wall was full and there was NO MORE ROOM. I was able to identify this 'threat' because I have some really smart friends who let me talk (and talkandtalkandtalk).

And when one friend said she would come over and load it into her truck, I was ready.

The pile was quickly divied up into 1. sell in her shop, 2. her use, & 3. the local thrift store.
And it has been dropped off. The entire van was filled with boxes of stuff.

I now have just my shipping supplies and one big empty box out there along the wall. I am ready to start making ruthless decisions again. The power to purge is back in my hands.

I'm Ready.

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