30 August, 2010

Major Upheaval

I feel surrounded by major projects.
And, it is a relief to get here.
All summer, I have been surrounded by major diva dramas - I swear - my forehead has been tattooed with "Bring It On."
But we are done with those and it is on to big - "will we ever get finished?" projects.

Just a preview of recent photos:

Wedding Reception Decor

This drama? The bride looked gorgeous and was so incredibly happy. Worth it.

All these blondes in a row, ending at the flower girl (didn't quite get into the viewfinder).

Instead of flying over to Madras for my favorite airshow, the wedding took center stage.

Couch set. Bought at a garage sale for $75 (talked down from $100). Love seat, chair and couch. Recovering them is cheaper than buying one of the new pillow couches for sale in the furniture stores. We are sending these out to the upholsterer who did the seats for the airplane.
We picked the fabric and I need to go order it tomorrow at Fabric Depot.    30 yds.

So- Does all furniture have freckles? We sanded these down to get rid of the speckles and discovered a little known fact about MAPLE. It doesn't accept stain well. On some valued advice, we are starting over to bare wood, roughing up the bare wood with 200 grit sandpaper so the stain has something to adhere to.

Up-side-down ottoman from my $20 garage sale find; Chair and ottoman. This one I am reupholstering myself. Same problem with freckled wood. The chair arm claws are very worn - hence the refinishing of the wood.
The fabric arrived last week. I need to start in on the double welting.

After 20 years, we are putting in hickory wood floors. Everything comes up. Everything gets packed away. We have labs which are allowed inside and the oil in their coats creates the darker places on the carpet around the furniture.

Hopefully, this will happen in the next week. We are doing a Swedish Finish which necessitates us leaving the house for three days while the wood guy does his stuff. Want to get it done here in September while we can still leave windows open - to air out any gases.

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