23 August, 2010

How Would My Life Be Better With A Serger?

 Duh, -- my life would be better. 

The wedding drama next door would dissapate. The on-going family drama over camping at Crater Lake would not be spoken of again. The question of whether the dog has a bone cyst or a bone tumor would cease to be a terrible drama for a seven-year-old Lab to endure. The bipolar boss would cease to try and nail me to the wall in her little dramas.
All because my new toy would keep me locked up in my craft room.
Creating. Dreaming. Imagining.

Making clothes for my great-niece. T-Shirt make-overs. Christmas Gifts.
My mind would be totally self-involved so no new dramas could intrude.

I could sew faster. Make more gifts. My seams would look more finished, and I have to confess, I really never finished them before. But with a serger, I could think about it, effortlessly.
I need one.

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