19 August, 2010

Blogs About Dogs

My hairdresser's dog died this morning.

We have daughter's the same age so we have bonded over the years with some common interests. This is a hairdresser with long hair which is my number one requirement for someone to get near me with scissors. She understands my wavy and mostly unruly hair. She gets the cut right about 9 out of 10 times which is better than any other hairdresser I have used previously.

She once gave me straight hair for my 40th birthday. It was amazing until about 5pm when it all poofed back out.

We both have had more than our fair share of drama this summer. --Ongoing family drama, work drama, wedding drama next door and now our individual dog dramas.  Her dog died as she was leaving this morning for work. He's an outdoor dog so since it wasn't that hot today, she left him where he died until she could take care of him once she finished work.  Somehow the neighbors found the dead dog and called the police. Her daughter answered the door and they asked her some big questions about how the dog died. Since he was 12, it was fairly apparent what he died of.

My dog drama is my younger lab, Rusty. We took him to the vet for a  continuing gimpy shoulder which was getting worse. Lying on the rug, he would suddenly start shrieking, holding his left foreleg off the ground.  The x-ray results are either a bone cyst or a bone tumor. Some of the internet sites explaining these diagnoses are pretty saddening. And it is sad to know that quite possibly, this 7-yr.old dog will die before Rocket, who is ten years old.
Anyway, quite possibly not the best day to get my hair highlighted, I ended up a bit brighter than when I walked in. 

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