23 August, 2010

Canadian Harmony Peaches

I picked 45 lbs of peaches Saturday.
They will take a few days to ripen enough to start canning them.

These Canadian Harmony peaches are spectacular for eating fresh. And they can wonderfully. The skins come off almost without a boiling water dip to speed things along and they are a freestone peach, meaning they separate easily into halves or quarters.

This year, when we went to Crater Lake for a camping trip, my brother brought along this campstove. I am completely in campsite lust for this stove and I can, oh- what's the word? {{Justify}} not only camp with this stove but I could also can my peaches outside on this stove. We were at 5000' altitude at Diamond Lake and this 1000btu stove boiled water in under a minute. It was like lightning - super fast. Kidding, but it was a lot faster than my old Coleman.

Similar to this one in the Cabela catalog. The legs come unscrewed and the whole thing is about 2" thick when collapsed. The wind screen detaches and fold flat.

Playing around with some toggle-thingy on my photo program.

Last year, I canned quite a few pints. I know most people like to can in quarts but I always remember the last peach sitting at the bottom for weeks on end until someone put it out of its misery. With pints, we eat up everything, if we need more, we open another jar.
I am seriously working myself up to purchasing one of these collapsible campstoves. Think about all this steam - outside.

Peaches were picked at Rumpca (pronounced Rumpcey) Farms on Lone Elder Road in Canby.
You can subscribe to their e-mail alerts here.

**Update July 2012:  Rumpca Farms chopped down their peach trees a year ago. A failure with our moist Willamette Valley and no fungal pesticides that would keep on ticking led to their decision. It is impossible to grow peaches, apricots, or plums around here without fungals and pesticides.
If you know of a place where one might pick Canadian Harmony peaches, yell at me. They are my favorite canning peach.

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