19 October, 2017

Knit Knotted Scarves

 Pencil Girl sent this photo to me this morning from her 4-H sewing group.
They made these awesome scarves made from old tshirts.

 I immediately replied with "Off with their heads!"
I try not to show faces - especially if I didn't ask permission beforehand. I also rarely post photos of me. Nor do I name people when I post faces. All part of my internet confusion game.

Anyway - aren't these nifty? They cut one inch strips from the bottom of tshirts and knotted them together with a pattern from Linda Lee. Kind of like a big macrame project.

 I also finished this week my (stupid*%$#@&##) hedgehog bags. They have a front zippered pocket with vinyl so you can see inside. I sell them as Lipsense bags in my RunningWithHandmade etsy shop.

I was chatting with another sewing blogger about how someone should make (and photograph) all the ways you can make zipper ends for toiletry pouches for a quick look at BEFORE you sew.

I picked the wrong way - which worked on the first bag. However, the next ones rebelled.
Which started to  make me very grumpy until I sat down with my seam ripper and made them right. 

So, there!

 Hubs is dorking around in the hangar. Making everything onto rolling stock (if it didn't roll before), re-painting walls, generally being crazy. But, both planes do fit inside.

That J-5 (orange) is so almost ready to start it's engine and take it's maiden voyage.

 I made four rope bowls for gifts this last two weeks. Two sewing peoples guilted me into sorting my scrap bin(s) and afterwards, it was a quick grab of the ziploc bag to utilize small scraps in the color I wanted.

 One went to Finland, Two to the UK (with second winging it's way to Ireland), and the final one to my CreativeGirl friend.  I discovered, I had been remiss in making her an orange one (her favorite color). I have one more to make (later, much later) as a gift to another sewing friend. We'll maybe call her MarineGirl.

 We had some 34' nights recently - a little early, so I made haste and cleaned off my back patio, throwing the houseplants into the garage. That frost was a little too close for comfort.

This frog is a particularly ugly lumpy brownish green color - not the cute spring green of my other frogs.

My dear daughter, is on a fall camping trip from Seattle down Highway 101 to Yosimite. She stopped off for a very quick 21 minute visit, hauling our Christmas Present!

 How perfect it is. Got the mountains, the fly fisherman, the river, the floatplane. All etched on ceramic tile and then hand-glazed. One of a kind perfectness. Might be the best gift ever.

This from my daughter who lives in Alaska.
This photo was taken recently on the way to Seward. I just love this picture of the mountains with their dusting of fresh snow and the reflection in the water.

I'm planning to make note cards from this image.

Linking to the 2017 Elm Street Quilts BAG IT event.


  1. Wow! Great present from DD. It is beautiffulerrific! I am also impressed that you found another cool way to make the fabric bowls. The orange J-5 is going to look stunning in the air. Glad you were able to work past the zipper snafu and finish the awesome hedgehog bags. Ahh, those 4-H kids just keep impressing me. It is always fun to start a new 4-H year with new projects! The sky is the limit! :)

    1. I love what you have your 4-H'ers do. You are such a gifted leader.

  2. Those knotted things seem more like necklaces than scarves as scarves are usually to keep you warm and those don't seem too warm! LOL! You are very cryptic with your internet sharing.. me.. I'm an open book with faces and names. So far no one has been kidnapped. :-) We're enjoying the ocean, but it's sure been stormy.. and a big one is heading our way right now. Hope our trailer doesn't spring a leak! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I'll probably be less cryptic in 1 1/2 years. We've talked before.
      I envy you your week at the beach.

  3. Your bags look wonderful. Vinyl can be a pain to work with - yours came out great. Thanks for linking up to the Elm Street Quilts Bag It event.

  4. The two pink (breast cancer) rope bowls have arrived in the U.K. and photos sent to Ireland-( you made both of us cry) - and they will go to Ireland on Saturday thank you so much!!! That tile is stunning! I love the hedgehog pouches, And the necklaces are fab too - I've used fake velvet to make something similar but never thought of t-shirt yarn!!!!

    1. Thank you Benta! It was a privilege to make something for you and Jackie.

  5. This post is chalk full of awesome! The bags and the scarves and the froggy and the tile are wonderful, but I have to admit that the photo of the 3 rope baskets, with their wonderful colours, floats my boat most of all - lovely LOVELY finishes!


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