26 June, 2016

Little White Purse

I know someone who is attending a wedding next week. I felt like sewing a small purse with a cross-body strap that would go with anything.

A purse that could hold the essentials including the all important phone with camera.

It does look bridal - maybe too bridal white.
I lined it with pale pink cotton.

There is a lace zippered pocket in front for 'valuables'.
Behind that is a slip pocket for the phone.
And behind that the main pocket of the bag.
Everything from stash (yay!)


  1. Very pretty and perfect for a wedding.

  2. It's so pretty! But I bet it didn't make a discernable dent in stash, lol!

  3. Very pretty.. I could never have anything white as it wouldn't stay white long... lol. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Me too. White is just begging to have something spill on it.

  4. Lovely! I need some of those on-the-top zips!


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