17 April, 2016

Star Baby Quilt

This baby quilt is destined for my substitute carrier (on my mail route). She's got about 5 weeks before she pops and I wanted to make her a little quilt.

 I keep some baby ideas in my Pinterest folder and this Star quilt jumped into my head. Fortuitously, Joann's fabrics had 60% off their crappy flannel.

I was trying to pick six colored flannels with the same size motif at Joann's and that was difficult as most of the flannel was most definitely for girls (frozen princesses anyone?). They also had a zillion blues but hardly any greens or reds.

I went for an I-Spy type of fabrics. These squares are 9" when sewn (HST's half square trangles) as this pattern was written using a layer cake cut of fabrics.

I bought enough extra for super shrinkage. This is one of my nicer point intersections where the flannel did not stretch out of whack.



For quilting, I sewed straight lines along the star shape and then tried some free motion quilting on the middle and sides.

First up is my pretty good FMQ of random lines. I did pretty good once I figured out my machine hated the thread I already
had on my machine and reducing the thread pressure helped too. There are some skipped stitches here and there but I'm pretty sure babies eyesight up close isn't good enough to spot it.

And then, I tried some circles. I even drew on the fabric good - round - circles. A little wonky. Oh well. I know certain readers will have a good laugh over my crazy circles.

 I am over halfway sewing my binding down and then it will be finished. This new boy has an older sister named Olivia which is also fortuitous because my niece is named Olivia. I still  have some cute Olivia the pig fabric leftover to make a small purse to carry.

I still need to quilt the four corner squares. No idea what yet unless I repeat the squiggly line thing again. I'm pretty sure I won't be trying circles again....

Oh and Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. My flu ended up going into bronchitus as in cough, cough, cough. I am feeling better on the energy front and am able to do my normal too many things in one day better.

Star pattern is here.


  1. You are very kind and generous to make a quilt for you friend. It's a lot of work!! It's wonderful and I bet that baby is going to be very warm and happy snuggled up in it. Thanks again for the iris tubers.. they are growing and I do hope they have flowers this year! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Flannel sounds so warm and snuggly. I think your FMQ looks great. I'd say your sub is one lucky lady to have a thoughtful customer like you!

  3. That's a great quilt - I bet it's soft and snuggly! I see lots of prints in there that I haven't seen on my Joanns runs - that print with bugs on light blue is quite adorable - I'll need to look for it the next time we go Stateside :D If you think Joanns flannel is crappy and shrinky - don't even THINK about buying Fabricland (our fabric chain store here in Canada) flannel - it's pretty much a waste of time. If it doesn't shrink and warp WAY off kilter, it pills like a *******. Except - SOME of the prints wash and wear fine ... sometimes. It's a crapshoot shopping there, but it's pretty much all we have (other than $$$ quilt stores). I bought a couple of meters of beautiful red polka dot flannel a while ago - after washing it in hot water with multiple colour catcher sheets FOUR TIMES it was still bleeding - I ended up throwing it away. Such is life shopping @ Fabricland :/ Getting a Joanns flyer by snail mail is enough to set my heart racing in excitement, lol!

    1. Well - it didn't pill after the initial wash. I have hopes.

  4. Wow! You have been busy! I always live the way you combine fabrics. Great choices!

  5. A quilt? I am impressed!!! And it's gorgeous too!!! Well done, I'm sure baby will love it!

  6. Looks so soft & I love the scrappy binding going on. She will love it!
    Hope you are feeling better Kathy!

  7. That's a really pretty quilt! One of these days I'll try to make one. You and CraftyTokyoMama make it look so easy....ha


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