10 April, 2016


I did sew today.

A customer order for  a CD Organizer that fits on a car sun visor.
She wanted Pink Camouflage. I received the fabrics Thursday and sewed two CD organizers and one Zippy pouch.

Aren't these cute?

I'm not much of a pink girl but hey - if it's in camo, it's awesome.

They are now  in my new etsy store. Part of my future business plan involves more sewing. My RunningWithNeedles etsy shop is filled with vintage sewing treasures. I felt like I was dumping my handmade items in there. This year,   I opened RunningWithHandmade, my second (*third) shop back in January, getting all my finance/organizational ducks in a row.

It's been slow going as I got seriously overwhelmed by not only my business plan, but the usual culprits of work, parents/family, and health issues all deciding to flare up as well.

So, I stalled.

 I'm pretty good with outlining the steps necessary to move forward.
Breaking down the big picture and organizing the flow.

This big picture is big.

I had to take a step back and wonder if it is too much. It has to do with retiring from work and how will I earn a paycheck big. Dealing with family issues that I will be more responsible for when I quit my current job.

I got depressed about, well, everything.
Which led me to getting sick with the worst spring flu ever this last week.
Which also led me to talk to someone, actually several someones.

It helped. having the downtime, getting feedback. I have a family history of depression and I think we all experience it at times. My older sister is hip-deep in it right now. She acknowledges she is depressed but can't seem to find her way out.

I'm working overtime the next couple of weeks so it preys on my mind. I can't help her right now.
I have to help myself first. Which is something my voodoo-hippie doc tries to imprint into my brain cells. If I over-extend myself, I get really sick.

So- what to do?

Ask for help. Put on hold things that don't need to be done today. Minimize your outside commitments. Ask for help.

I feel better in my head about my own situation. I know my on-going business plan is to my benefit. I know that we, as a family, will figure out how to help my sister.

Because of my auto-immune issues, I try to live my life as if I won't be able to do everything I want to do before my disease gets the better of me. Do the best I can. Every day. Try something new. Keep engaged.


***second etsy shop is RunningWithAirplanes which I never stocked as I've never had enough time in the day to do it all.


  1. Take a deep breath and slow down.. say Ohhmmmm.... I'm sorry you got sick. I wish you could retire now. Take care of yourself first.. we all need you healthy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I like pink - pink camo is awesome! I agree with Teresa - take a deep breath and take care of yourself, and definitely ask for help when you need it, and when it will help your stress level - everybody needs a bit of help now and then!

  3. You are an incredibly talented person. And a great friend.

  4. aaaaah Kathy, I so sympathise. I too am a depression sufferer. I know all about the juggling and not being able to get everything done. Really the best thing you can do for your sister is to be ther with hugs and love. Hope you are feeling better soon xxxx

  5. I'm not normally a fan of camouflage fabric, but I really do like it in the pink. Sorry you haven't been well. Take care of yourself. You can't look after others if you are not well yourself.

  6. Do make sure you look after yourself! Xxx


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