15 July, 2015

Sewing Machine Fabric

I can't sew right now.

 My coworker's mom passed away and I've done 8 weeks of overtime plus mgmt's "you're a crap employee" talk twice now - once on overtime to the tune of $75 to listen (ha) to "blahblahblah" and don't even get me started about the heat that has stricken western Oregon.

Fortunately for me, I have air conditioning, so I can catch up on some blog reading. 

is on my "C" list; blogs I like to keep an eye on to see if they continue being interesting. She made a t-shirt out of this knit. I fell into lust. I wanted this fabric. Beautiful blue background with lighter tone sewing machines and cute little hearts in the scissor borders.

I clicked the link which led to a UK shop, so I chased down a US seller,  and half-an-hour later, paypal'ed my own sewing machine knit fabric.

It came with a little note saying a swatch had been cut into the fabric and she sent *extra*.

 Knit from Lillestoff - out of Germany, I think. 
Very soft, very nice next to the skin.

I have a yard and a half to pet.


  1. That fabric is stupendous! Hope your work life improves :-)

  2. Isn't it funny how the "you are crap" talk is never followed by "so this is what I can do to help you improve " talk! Great fabric - any plans for it?

  3. I loved her t-shirt. But it's cotton soft - so it might become pajama bottoms. Still petting it.


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