30 July, 2015

Sewing Hooky

 I get easily distracted.  

I am supposed to be sewing some work shorts and a top that was personally fitted to my body. Instead, I am playing sewing hooky.
aka *avoidance* and *procrastination*


 My inspiration was an airplane tote on Etsy.
At this shop.

Man - I have this fabric!
Her tote has external pockets, mine has internal pockets.

My airplane tote is going into the etsy shop. I am overwhelmed at her pricing. $38 for a tote.
I have the most difficult time finding the magic price point. Some things I make are above and beyond and pretty spectacular.  I don't struggle as much pricing those items.

I'm very aware of how much time I spend sewing as well as my material cost.
What I struggle with are the okay (basic to me)  items - $38 for a tote bag???

Would you pay $38 for a tote?

It does have a pretty nifty single welt pocket....

 I watched a Peggy Sager's video on Saturday - a Silhouette Patterns webinar on sewing pants. She went over a single welt pocket and I had to have a go at one.

It's almost like putting a zipper pocket in, but not quite.

Here's the inside double pocket on the other side. I love this stripe lining.
I left the selvedge edge at the bottom (No hemming - lazy me)

 I settled down today and started sewing the work shorts. Three sets of pockets and lots and lots of top-stitching. A butt-load of top-stitching!   Before I ran out of bobbin thread,  I finished the fronts and started on the side pockets. 

The side pockets have flaps with a buttonhole. That's where I'm at. I need to re-thread the bobbin and get back into the sewing room. I have the fan going because we are back up at 100 degrees (with a tiny respite earlier this week --- teaser rain and mid-seventies).

I am bribing myself with one chocolate chip per top-stitched seam. Seams (ha!) to be working.


  1. I *LOVE* your bag! As a sailor, that map fabric appeals very much to me. Of course we've been looking at maps for almost 4 weeks! We're in Boise for the night.. tomorrow? HOME! Woohoo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I would pay more than $38 for a good tote. :)

    1. Thanks, Suzi. You are my magic price point inspiration.

  3. That looks fab, and really well made. I prefer the straps and base in yours (the pleather won't get grubby so quick) and I really like that there isn't a seam across the middle of the lining base (is it an inset base? Or have you made it flat and then done the triangle or square thingy to box it? I can't tell from the photos)

    So would "I" pay that for it? No, because I'd do the "I can make that" thing. But is it worth that to anyone who can't make bags? Oh yes, without a doubt! (And how much fabric and time eent into it? A yard each of fabric, stabiliser, lining, plus a chunk of pleather? Are you paying yourself anything for making it?

    1. Yes, the lining is all one piece. As was the outer. Very easy to see that the lining is shorter so it sits tighter in the final product. I left a hole in the top seam for turning and then closed it while top stitching.
      For boxing the bottom corners, you iron a crease to guide you.
      I believe it's my "I can sew that" attitude that keeps my price low.

  4. PS avoidance and procrastination? Never heard of them! X

  5. The bag looks GREAT and I *love* the topstitched handles. Having the tote bottom in black really anchors the bag.

    There are plenty of people who would pay $38 for a tote, but like Benta asks above, does $38 even cover the cost of your materials? (to paraphrase Mimi G, the people who won't pay $38 for a tote are not your customer)

    Remember the zippered backpack I made? My Dad was like, you could sell that for $75 easily....it cost me $92.50 in materials to make it.

    1. I'm going to go into etsy and put $48 on the bag. For a first make, $92 is reasonable. Your price comes down as you make more.
      I can't sew multiples, yet a tote bag is not an unique piece of art.
      My airplane cover cost $115 to make - would I make another knowing retail was $300 plus?
      No way.

    2. Pricing ---Oh -no zips in this one. I think material cost was below $20. The webbing - huge garage sale score -big roll for $1.
      Yep- one Buck.

  6. I'm with Benta - would "I" pay for a tote - well actually, I could make it but it's not my things, so maybe I would. Yours is fantastic (much nicer than the other one) and I think it is probably (well) under priced.

  7. $48 sounds like a good price point. People who like and understand what goes into a quality handmade item will not balk at that price. I absolutely LOVE that fabric and the handles. Your welt pocket turned out lovely, too. Those are tricky.


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