02 September, 2013

Work Shorts Done

Finally, this project is done.

{Not really, I need to make another pair.}
One will not be enough.

I don't have a tripod {hah, the garage sale queen does not have a tripod!}
I promised myself I wouldn't apologize for the photos, the fit, my fat tummy and it's all there, taking up space in my head.
I am so in awe of anyone who can sew a garment, take a photo, and post for the public internet peoples. Especially those of us who have interesting figures.

These are somewhat loose fitting shorts made of a navy blue cotton lycra.
I had 3 pairs of work shorts that were made of cotton sheeting and they were so comfortable with the t-shirt ribbing/elastic waistband. I could bend over all day, sit at the computer, lift packages, stand in front of people and they still looked good.

Part of it, I suspect is the RTW surfeit of pockets and tailoring, ahem, top-stitching.
In some of the pocket photos you can still see my chalk marker line to help while top-stitching yet another pocket.

There are six pockets on these shorts.
I don't know of any sewing pattern that incorporates so much 'detail'.

Last spring, when I had to face up to the demise of two of my work shorts, I got out my Swedish tracing paper and made a pattern.
I couldn't find RTW replacements that were long enough and I knew these fit me.
It only took me until Labor Day to pony up.

I have enough material to make another pair, but not today. My eyes are criss-crossed with all the top-stitching.

Two open back pockets, Two front cargo pockets, and two side-seam flapped pockets.

The front section is actually two pattern pieces. They don't quite match on the vertical, allowing a bit of curve shape to happen here.
Notice the front cargo pocket aligns on that seam, which is top-stitched too.

I used my sewing machine and my serger throughout.


  1. WOW! All that topstitching looks great!!! That was a lot of pockets to topstitch!!

  2. Turn around time on a pair of shorts - 9 months. It's like having a baby!

  3. Your topstitching is phenomenal and I love these shorts!


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