09 September, 2013

Garage Sale Stuff

A customer told me about some books she was sending her mother. A whole series called Annie's Attic Mysteries.

All written by different authors. Combining mysteries with crafting. How cool is that?
This is a list of the books in chronological order.
Doing my research at the library website, one of the authors has written other books, including this one by Sharon Dunn.

It was about garage sale treasures and the mysteries they hold.

Some of my latest garage sale finds:
A whole slew of quilting books.
Almost all are now listed on Amazon.
Don't worry - I kept a few.

I am a garage sale addict.

The first rule of getting over any addiction is to own it and acknowledge it.
My only other rule is my habit needs to support itself.

Garage Sale Millionaire
What's It Worth

Garage Sale Guru
How to set up a garage sale.

Urban Diggers
--This is how Suzi and I do it.
Tag team. Garage Sale Buddies. Both of us looking for stuff.

I look for many reasons but primarily to sell online. Suzi is stocking her Retro Revival store in Oregon City.

We  both look for vintage crap treasures as they are made better and won't break like new stuff.

Urban Diggers 2013 - better video.

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