28 October, 2012

Pinkham Millinery

Two weeks ago. Pencil Girl, Theatre Girl & I
attended the grand opening of Pinkham Millinery.

Miss Pinkham's creations have just been published in a history of hats book entitled Couture Hats: From the Outrageous to the Refined  by Louis Bou. Dayna is one of four Americans featured and the only american milliner outside of New York.

 I debated whether to use this photo since there is such a rosa parks' feel to it.
This gal knew Pencil Girl from a class at Portland Sewing and had taken a class from Dayna Pinkham to make this hat.

 The sweet pale pink in her hat perfectly matches her well put-together outfit.

 Simply brilliant creations.

From cupcake hats to over the top. With discreet netting to feathers & fur.

A fashion show plus some nibbles and bubbly.

Live jazzy music

Tools of the trade


Located at 1012 SW Washington  Portland, OR 97205 in downtown Portland, Oregon, Pinkham Millinery is a workroom as well as a showroom.


  1. I love the photos! It is great to see such a fun event! One of my favorites is the red rose hat.

  2. I'm with Theater Girl. Love the blog! Reposted the Pinkham story my FB.

  3. What wonderful hats, I'd love to have a go at hat making.


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