29 October, 2012

I Sewed Yesterday

I did.
A brand new pair of pajama pants.
With pockets.

Unfortunately I work from dark to dark so there is only daylight at  my workplace.
---So not the place to take show & tell photos.

You will just have to wait.

They were made with a t-shirt knit  by Patty Young for Michael Miller.
The Heaven & Helsinki line.
Blues & greens.
My favorite colors.

Incredibly soft knit.
It washes up softer.

The waistband is from a soft grey that I had in my stash,
The pockets are bound with the same.

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  1. I can't wait to see it! You are leaving us in suspense! I just finished a bedskirt for a friend. Now I am on to altering a choir dress for a concert the next day. Yikes!


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