24 April, 2011

Jury Duty and Yarnbombing

My third call-up in four years and I hit the jackpot. Yes - I'm on a jury trial as a trial juror.
When I tell people where I am, they regale me with stories of how they got out of jury duty.
But I've always wanted to serve.
And it is everything I thought it would be.

Totally fascinating.
The process is worth watching.
It is totally tedious.
And every chair that started out comfortable becomes uncomfortable after two hours.

I believe everyone should do jury duty at least once.
My trial does not involve blood and gore for which I am eternally grateful.
It's also time off from work (I still get paid).

My other jurors are interesting and since we are all trying like mad NOT TO DISCUSS THE CASE before deliberations, we are getting along well.

It helped Friday to bring my library copy of Yarnbombing.
I brought it out when juror # 667 (we are all known by our numbers) couldn't restrain herself from almost talking about the case. The book served as a total distraction and got our minds off what was going on in the post courtroom.

Most people know about graffiti and have a decided opinion about it. Yarnbombing can best be described as an urban graffiti that really flirts with being an artform.
Yarnbombing is international and growing.
Yarnbombing involves knitting and crocheting to make something ordinary look extraordinary.

It really begs the question, "Who has all this free time?"
My creative friend is the first person I thought would naturally be a part of this group.
When I showed her the book, I could literally see her wheels turning.
***"You have to admit, that your tree in front of the shop would look stunning if it got yarnbombed."

And I leave you with this treasure of The Royal Wedding:

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