20 April, 2011

Growing Easter Eggs

I pulled down my Easter paraphernalia and found some hollow eggs dyed - from last year. Obviously, someone was thinking ahead. It was a surprise, nonetheless.

I am so impressed.
Last Sunday, I planted four eggs each of lettuce, basil and nasturtium seeds.
Guess which one is up first.
They are only four days old.

Silly Peeps.

The moisture from the soil has leached some of the color off the pink and blue eggs.
The windowsill where the egg planters have sat to sprout has seen sunshine.
Our last frost , here in Canbyland,was April 19th.
But, at least this week, with the cold nights and a full moon, we have received sunshine during the day.  Our Willamette Valley has been saturated with rain this season and it has been a bit dreary, even for an Oregon winter.

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