07 November, 2009

Why we didn't drive in Ireland

Stunning. Amazing. Wow.
There are signposts everywhere in Ireland - at every intersection. 
God help you if the post has fallen down.

It's only 2 1/2 hours to drive west from Dublin over to Galway. If I had driven, maybe 7 hours. The bus started out on a toll road, switched to road construction detours and went through numerous round-a-bouts. All with signposts leaning every which way.
This particular bus went straight through - no stops.

Such a small distance compared to Oregon. 2.5 hours, for me, is just past Eugene, not quite all the way to Bend. From Dublin north, past Belfast to Derry is only about 3 hours. That's it. Small country, easy to get around, lovely people and, of course, I want to go back.

I had wanted to rent a car - just to say I did. Driving on the wrong side with the stick shift in my left hand. All the guide books tell you to do so, but parking is expensive, fuel is expensive and it was only 10euro to get across the country - even cheaper booking on-line. I can see getting one of those new small laptops just to travel with - to make reservations, to find out about sights suggested by the locals - to deal with mechanical problems with the plane at Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam.

Internet access was easy to find most places and we even uploaded photos from our camera at one stop to send home.

And street signs? Occasionally spotted on Dublin streets high up on the second story (1st floor). No street signs in Galway.

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