29 November, 2009

Lovely Luna

Note to self: I tried to post a blogger video but gave up after an hour. Making do with two photos instead. Will have to read blogger help - crap.

Luna likes to stretch her legs and zip around for a while before she crashes.
She climbed all the way up the bookcase and my sewing mannequin before making her way down again. She does smell a bit but it might have been more pronounced because she wasn't used to being snuffled by giant Labs in the middle of the night.

She will sleep for eight or nine hours at a stretch. She is very curious.

Luna enjoys anything that resembles a tunnel. At first glance, she appears a little chubby back there but surprisingly, she fits into anything her snout leads her into.

Her cage at OSU is a quite roomy three foot by four foot. We are working on a traveling guest house for when she returns at Christmas break. So we don't have any more Lab moments.

Brian arrived home late Wednesday night - after I had already gone to bed. My husband and Brian decided to lock the cageless Luna in the bathroom for the night - where the dogs couldn't get to her.
Except, when I got up at 5am (I slept in!), the door was ajar, not open all the way it usually is. I knew something wasn't right.
Going in, the shower curtain was pulled. Bedding was strewn across the bathroom floor. It all gave me the willies. I could not look behind that shower curtain.

Apparently, she slept in the bathtub all night. Apparently, the dogs gave her a huge snuffle and no one got nasty. Apparently, I've got to find a guest house for Miss Luna so I can rest easier next time she visits.
She spent the remainder of her Thanksgiving visit in our laundry room, barricaded in.

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