16 March, 2017

March Randoms

Lots of rain here in Oregon. We get a cold, snowy, icy winter about once every ten years. Our spring, which can be as long as five months, is getting off to a slow start. The occasional dry day yields awesome photos.

Today, we have a dry day, yet the rivers are all very close to flooding. Another two days of rain and there is a rumor that we will have two dry days in a row. Woot!

Spotted at my creative friend's shop, Retro Revival, here in Canbyland.
The best blue hat ever.

I can't help but wonder who wore this hat and who encouraged her to wear it.

Creative girl won't let me have this plane.

But I did find some airplane wrapping paper at the dollar store when I was scrounging for green gifts for St. Patrick's Day.

Busy with trying to get  my spring pruning done on the (so far) one dry day off I've had from work. Hopefully the long-range forecast for a dry Sunday will happen and I can get the grapes pruned. Maybe the sweet peas planted......

Up in Alaska, they are having a good snow year. Unfortunately the moose find foraging difficult when a snow year happens and they are quite cranky this year. Taken near where my daughter lives. I don't actually know who to acknowledge the video to.

I haven't made time to sew lately, too much on my plate, getting a little cranky myself.


  1. LOVE your crocus! I don't have one crocus on this farm, I need to amend that. I think you need a plane like that.. get on Etsy and eBay and find one for yourself! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I know who would be talking ME into wearing that lovely blue hat. The same person who influenced me into wearing a fabric chicken! :)

    1. Well. Anne Whalley told you to wear more color near your face...

  3. Oh yeah! I can see myself wearing it to Australia to visit her. I would be known as "THE ONE with the blue hat"! Might be legendary! :)

  4. Hello from Texas - dry, blue skies and 80 degrees!!!!!! Why don't you pop over I'm sure you could land on the road!!!!!

    1. It's only 2000 miles from here over several sets of snowy mountains. Sure thing


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