04 January, 2017

Snow And Ice

Awesome start to the New Year. 
A couple of inches of snow hit Canbyland hard and almost instantly turned to ice.

Just five miles from us - they got nothing. Such is the vagarities of Mother Nature.

The Willamette Valley is hovering near freezing right now. Cold for us but quite balmy by North Dakota standards. Or my daughter in Alaska, when she picked out her Christmas Tree in minus 7 degrees(f).

Benta , my friend from England, sent me this tote bag of me hoarding my fabric, "now all I  need is time!"
So true. I am way past my due date of ending these 12 hour work days. I should be getting less hours soon. Soon, so I can launch myself at my stash. Maybe I'll have to turn my sewing  machine on and then off to see if it still works...

I think I will call this my lucky fabric bag. When I am at garage sales, I will find amazing fabric to stash in this tote!

One of my most favorite presents to get at Christmas time is Black Thistle Seed for my little yellow finches. This seed is high in fat and attracts these funny little finches. They spend their days amusing me with their antics around the feeder. I try to keep the feeder full right now with this ice/snow covering the ground.

I posted this photo on Instagram (RocketGirl50) and asked, "I bet you cannot count all the yellow finches hidden in the Rose of Sharon bush chittering at me for coming too close to their feeder."

Obviously, you can see three. There are at least twenty in here all giving me the stink eye.

I took this video from the kitchen the day before the snow fell.


  1. Wow, it's amazing how snowy you are! Your birds are darling. We love the goldfinches. I hope you get some time off soon!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The snow looks so pretty, Kathy. I'm sure the reality is somewhat different, though.


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