27 April, 2015

Pirating Bag Hardware

This is where I get most of my bag hardware.

Bought on the last day (half price!) local estate sale.
It was marked $5, but my winning personality got me from $2.50 down to a buck.

Samsonite laptop carryon.

When I pirated the 'Detour ' label, I found out how tags are stapled into the seam allowance so they don't  shift.

Pencil Girl loves to rip out zippers.
I can't stand it.

Normally, I don't ever take zips out.
But these were double close heavy duty zips.
Nice pull tabs too.
I pulled out my unpicker and ripped those babies out.
Two of them - perfect for bags.

In my hurry, I ripped a hole in one of the zipper tapes. Still usable.

There were about six other zips in this bag - all single pull - I didn't bother with those.

I thought about pirating this strap holder plastic thing. It's there to keep the strap straight.
The weird brown color makes it unusable for most things.

Nice swivel hardware.
The plastic mesh was cool until you touch it - eeuw.
I left the mesh.

For $1.00, I spent 20 minutes (zips) to get
2 double pull zips.
2 sliders 1 1/2"
2 D rings 1 1/2"
2 swivel hook attached to 1 1/2" D rings.
1 swivel hook
D ring 3/4"
2 plastic buckles with interesting pull tabs

New? One of the swivel hooks is around five bucks.

Fifty cent purse.
I liked the purse handle.
Even though it's short.

Most of the time you just need a pair of scissors  to pirate a bag. This time I used pliers for the zipper pulls.

The other trick is to pull hardware immediately. Get rid of the bulky bags.

Stash your hardware for when you need to sew your own awesome purse.


  1. Aren't you the smart one, getting all that good hardware for a dollar! I look forward to seeing what you use it for. We're relaxing in our trailer listening to the ocean roar outside and it's sunny! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great job with recovering all that hardware!

  3. I do usually salvage from stuff I'm chucking, but didn't think of buying stuff to salvage! Good tip, thanks x

  4. Great idea! I generally get rid of the old bags...


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