10 January, 2015

Four Valentines

Back side Hula

She's my favorite!

I have a trip planned to Tokyo and Kyoto in March and I can't wait to see what other fabrics I've been missing. We don't have these cute laminates in the USA - we have some, but not these.

My friend buys scrap bags at her local fabric store in Kyoto and oftentimes, they slip a piece of laminate inside. She sent me four laminate scraps at Christmas and they got dumped on my ironing board.
The scraps aren't big enough by themselves to make much but they are just the right size to make these little earbud pouches.

They are now used as well as the rest of my nylon zipper stash.
I got a double score on my New Year's Resolution of sewing the fashion fabric until it's gonegonegone.


  1. Ohhhh.. are you selling those little pouches? If so, I want to buy the little hula girl! I lived in Hawaii when I was 18 - for 7 months - and that little heart speaks to me. Good job on those! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. They are fab! Have you tried laminating your own fabric? I have the stuff but haven't tried it! (And have lost the instructions!!!)

  3. I'm thrilled to see what you did with those scraps. The hearts turned out very cute.

  4. The hula girl is my favorite too!!

  5. Hula girl *sold*. Thanks Teresa.


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