22 January, 2015

Amaryllis and Winter

I originally bought amaryllis bulbs as hostess gifts for the holidays. When said holidays rolled around these were only knee-high to a grasshopper and what with all the holiday fuss and bothers, I forgot for the first two parties and by the third, had reconciled with myself that four (!) looked much better on the windowsill than one lonely amaryllis.

We have been blessed with a couple of 50+'  days where the sun shines and you forget about foggy, grey, drizzly, sad January in Oregon. Where you smell Spring coming.

I trimmed up the raspberries and the grapes. They are now ready to burst forth here in the next few weeks. They won't get wild for a couple of months but they do better if you do a hard pruning now.

We kept 7 middle-aged fir trees and I am so glad we did. My replacement trees for the ones we cut down are coming along nicely but they aren't tall yet.

Those fir trees were home to hummingbird nests, bats in the belfry, owls, and other flying critters. This winter we have seen not one but two eagles flying around - probably to the dismay of tiny rabbits and voles but what a wonderous sight to behold. I think hawks might be prettier, but eagles - wowza.


  1. Funny how you ended up with 4 Amaryllis.. but lucky you did! They are something! I've got the Spring feelings over here in Corbett, too. Enjoy!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The amaryllis look fab, and Eagles? That must be an amazing sight!

    1. Houston I like humming birds the best


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